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Publish With Us

Islamic Affairs Magazine welcomes articles for publication in subjects relevant to the scope of the journal. Prospective authors are asked to read the following information prior to submission.

Author Guidelines

1. Authors are asked to submit articles relevant to the focus of the magazine and write for a common audience: avoid technical terms and references to other works.
2. Original articles are asked to be from 1000 to 1800 words long, although in exceptional cases, longer articles and essays will be included (up to 3000 words long).
3. Islamic Affairs Magazine also publishes book reviews as well as essays on recent events, such as talks and political events. Such submissions should be fewer than 1000 words long.
4. Remember to include a title and byline, as well as a brief biography of the author (max 1-2 sentences) and contact information, and whether the author prefers it to be disclosed in the article.
5. This is not a peer-reviewed or academic journal, although academic subjects can be discussed. Works are assessed based on their relevance to the subject, contributions of the article, and writing quality, amongst other factors.
6. Please include your submission in a Microsoft Word file (.doc/.docx), not as .pdf file.

All submissions are to be sent to the Editor at jaan.islam@dal.ca.