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About Us

Islamic Affairs Magazine is a newsletter dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of political and religious issues in the Islamic world. In an age of global political and moral uncertainty, and the talk of a ‘clash of civilizations’ between the East and West, the subject of the Islamic world, especially concerning the relationship between Islamic and politics, has become of utmost importance.

As such, the magazine mainly publishes commentaries and opinion pieces by experts in a variety of subjects. They include topics surrounding Islamic history, law (fiqh) and theology, as well as middle-east studies, international relations, and foreign policy studies.

Prospective authors are encouraged to read and submit the information for publishing with Islamic Affairs Magazine.


Islamic Affairs Magazine is run by researchers, students, and activists form a wide range of geo-political and cultural contexts. It was founded by Jaan Islam, the current journal editor, and a number of researchers from Emertec Research and Development, a research organization dedicated to the study and improvement of social and natural sciences. The Magazine was founded with the purpose of providing critical assessments of religio-political affairs in the Islamic world.

Jaan S. Islam is the Vice President of the Global Organization for Faith, Wisdom, and Peace based in Toronto, Canada. His research interests cut broadly across political philosophy, comparative religion, contemporary history, metaphysics, and cognitive science. His previous works include True Islam, Jihad, and Terrorism: The Science of Islamic Foreign Policy (NY: Nova Publishers, 2016) and his most recent book entitled Political Philosophy in the East and West: In Search of Truth (Delaware: Vernon Press, 2017).